Buckholt farm extends to just over 1,000 acres set in the rolling downlands of Hampshire overlooking the Test Valley. It is typically light Andover series soil over chalk, with a few heavy clay caps.

Along the Northern boundary, there is around 60 acres of classic downland, a haven for rare flowers and wildlife, especially butterflies. Around 750 acres of the farm could be cropped, although with some fields grassed down for the cows and over 100 acres put down to conservation headlands and other wildlife habitat. 600 acres are used for growing combinable crops. For some years, spring barley was the only crop, used in the malting and brewing industry, but other crops are now also grown.

Having said this, the majority of the cropped land is still used for producing spring crops which it is felt Buckholt lends itself to and because  these are also better for wildlife and the environment. The remainder of the land is taken up by woodland, tracks and buildings.

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